Amaranth Porridge

GOOD Morning!…or at least it was when I sat down to THIS bowl of Amaranth Porridge. Had some of those Poached Cranberries kicking around the next day, so I decided they would be a delicious addition to my morning porridge. If you haven’t tried amaranth yet, GO buy some! It’s full of antioxidants, minerals, & PROTEIN – it’s also paleo-friendly + gluten free. This super seed cooks quickly and has a light nutty, sweet-ish flavour. Amaranth makes a great porridge as it’s somewhat sticky once cooked, which works well when pouring a whole pile of nut milk over top. It’s also SUPER filling, and once topped with some of your faves…SO satisfying.

Cook the amaranth as per package instructions. Once cooked, add a good scoop of it to a bowl, pour over your nut/soy milk of choice, and top with any of your favourites – pure maple syrup, fruit, roasted nuts, etc. Some of mine include…Poached Cranberries, CarrotPecan Granola, Stewed Rhubarb. You could even season the amaranth prior to cooking – add some ground cinnamon, turmeric, and/or fresh ginger. Yum.

Here are a few other recipes that include amaranth:

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