Baked CreamerPotatoes w/ ButternutSquash Cream, BeetQuinoa Balls, & Arugula w/ BalsamicReduction

Oh those Leftovers!…last week’s post ‘Mac&ButternutSquash Cream’ left me with some delicious extras, so the next day I threw together this simple vibrant dinner – baked CreamerPotatoes in ButternutSquash Cream, baked BeetQuinoa Balls, & organic baby Arugula drizzled with Balsamic Reduction‚ú® Did everyone have a great weekend!? We have a loong one coming up?
*For the BeetQuinoa Balls, I just used the same recipe as my Quinoa Cakes but minus the nutritional yeast & added 1/4cup fresh beet juice and about 1/4cup more quinoa & bread crumbs. Rolled into 1inch balls, placed on lightly oiled baking sheet, and placed in the oven at 350*F for about 20/25mins – with the potatoes. .
*CreamerPotatoes in ButternutSquash Cream…parboiled until just tender, iced bathed, halved, and then tossed in a bowl with the ButternutSquash Cream (see last week’s ‘Mac&ButternutSquash Cream’ post for recipe) and placed in loaf baking pan. Baked at 350*F for about 20-25mins, or until top begins lightly browning.

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