Chewy CoconutCherryChocolate Granola Bars

Rise&Shine! Getting super excited for the weekend with so much to look forward to. One of those things being snowshoeing❤ What makes a delicious trekking through the snow treat – Chewy Coconut/Cherry/Chocolate Granola Bars!! Made these fresh this morning.

Preheat oven to 350*F – Line 9×9 baking sheet with parchment paper *Recipe…3cups Gluten Free Rolled Oats; 1/2cup Raw Pumpkin Seeds; 1/2cup Blanched Sliced Almonds; 1/3cup Chia Seeds; 1/3cup Flax Seeds; 1/3cup Mini Non-Dairy Chocolate Chips; 1/2cup Chopped Tart Dried Cherries; 1/3cup Shredded Unsweetened Coconut – combine these ingredients into a mixing bowl. In a separate bowl combine: 2/3cup Brown Rice Syrup; 2/3cup Almond Butter; 1tsp Sea Salt; 1&1/2tsp Pure Vanilla Extract; 1/4cup Maple Syrup; 1&1/2tbsp Coconut Oil (melted) – will have to put some muscle into it & give it a good stir. Combine both dry & wet ingredients. Mix well. Pour mixture into prepared baking sheet, press down evenly all over, & place in oven for approximately 25mins or until edges begin browning. Allow to completely cool before cutting into bars. Best kept refrigerated.

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