happy HardBoiled Egg-ers’

The happy HardBoiled egg-ers’ (called in our home:) ‘marinated’ in freshly juiced turmeric/beet/mixed leafy greens overnight. Perfectly imperfect – loove the swirls, bubbles, and blotches✨ We have about a dozen more so…eggs for days it is! But I promise you – ‘eggs for days’ is not what I have in store for you this week!

*For the perfect semi-hard boiled eggs, fill a pot with water so it covers the eggs a good inch. Place over med/high heat. Once the water come to a somewhat roaring boil (more than a light boil but less than a really aggressive boil), turn the heat off and allow the eggs to sit in the water for about 6mins. After 6mins, and if saving to eat at a later time, place eggs in an ice bath to cool down.

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