Loaded Avocado B(less)LT

I had to do a post on one of my ALL time favourites, the Avocado B(less)LT. Come Christmas Day, the two things my family looks forward to most…breakfast & sandwiches – not to be confused with breakfast sandwiches. Since we host Christmas Dinner on the eve of the BIG day, the day after means leftovers and a break for the chef. Once presents are open & it’s nearing midday (that’s 11am for us!), everyone switches their focus to turkey sandwiches. It wasn’t until I came strolling in with this fully loaded avocado sammie did their eyes stray from their plates. By Boxing Day, and by request, guess who was in the kitchen making a whole bunch of these veggie packed beasts!…which turned into many more, day after day. We just couldn’t get enough. Talk about PlantPower!!

This is what I feel, makes the BEST ‘BLTs’…

The Bread – this tip has got to be my favourite, and an absolute MUST. I do not make a sandwich without *toasting the bread first. You can either pop your bread into a toaster, OR make ‘camping toast’ over an open flame – gas burner. I grew-up on (lightly) burnt toast, and now, cannot live without it. I LOVE the charred flavour with my sandwiches, and it also keeps the bread nice + crispy, not soggy. As for the type of bread, I like seeded or whole grain. I would recommend using a light texture and flavoured bread for this sammie.

Ripe Avocado – the avocado plays an important role. It’s the creamy neutral layer, perfect for adding seasonings to. Once the avocado is bedded onto the toast, I sprinkle it with a good helping of sea salt and just a dusting of pepper. I find that the salt + pepper go SO much better on top of the avocado, more so than on the toast (with mayo) itself.

Buttery (soft) Lettuce – the top two lettuces I would recommend using would be either Butter Lettuce or Red Leafy Lettuce. When you bite into this sandwich, a nice soft lettuce will pull away and melt into that bite – SO good.

Fresh Tomatoes – for this sammie, I like to use tomatoes that are semi-firm. Too soft, and you’ll have juices running down your hands and into the bread. Too firm, and you’ll be giving your jaw a workout (aside from the more tart/acidic flavour).

Toppings & Compliments – the only other additions I add are plant based mayo and/or a thick slice of homemade nut cheese. The sandwich featured here is sporting a healthy helping of my Herb (Cashew)Cheese.

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