Overnight BeetGingerCoconut Oats

Morning! Overnight oats it is & I have a vibrant earthy combo for you…Beet/Coconut/Ginger!!! You’ll feel on top of your game after eating this one. I like to use as much of the veggie(s) as possible so after juicing, I keep the pulp for baking and/or salads. My pups loove it too – Apple/Carrot combo is their jam?.

The night before, combine in a bowl 1/3cup raw beet juice; 1/3cup plain yogurt (can be switched out for 1/2&1/2 more beet juice & coconut milk); 1cup gluten free oats; 1tbsp chia seeds; 2/3cup coconut milk; 1/2tsp pure vanilla extract; 2-3tbsp unsweetened coconut flakes; 1&1/2tbsp maple syrup; 1tsp freshly grated ginger (more if you like it on the stronger side); & a pinch of sea salt. Mix well & refrigerate.

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