Propane Lanterns, WildFlowers, & 300ft Drops

RoadTrip! I’ve been somewhat off the grid & unplugged over the past week. Think propane lanterns, wild flowers, and 300ft drops. Why? It seems I had to disconnect in order to reconnect. Not planned, just divine intervention at work I guess. Within a couple hours of my arrival at our first destination, my phone met the eternal black screen and did not wake for anything. After a brief panic, short walk, and some reflecting, I caved giving into the fact that it may have come to its untimely demise. Fortunately, it’s now back in working order…phew!

SO, another whirlwind of a week that left me faceplanting into my bed at the end of each day – those are the best. AND some amazing memories to boot including ‘glamping’ in Lytton (one of the hottest locations in Canada) to ZipTreking 2400ft from Whistler to Blackcomb Mountain (one of the largest ski resorts/bike parks in North America) – EVERYONE needs to try it. I did manage to fit in some food festivities, which I’ll gladly share in the coming days. Hope you all had an adventurous weekend & found some time to disconnect/reconnect – xx

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