SwissChard Wrap w/ CashewCream Quinoa, Avocado, Yam, & BeetTofu

When I see a BIG leafy green, I can’t help but think…what shall I wrap in it?!  Well, some of my faves for a start – blanched SwissChard leafy green meets roasted Yam, fresh Avocado, pan seared Tofu marinated in fresh BeetJuice, and Quinoa tossed in CashewCream✨ I know, right!!…it’s one wrap that will leave you feeling unbeetable? What other faves can we ‘wrap up’?? SO many options!…& yes, my hands are often stained with veggie juice?
Prepare quinoa as per package instructions. Allow to cool. Add a good helping of cashew cream (see QuinoaCake post – with baked Yam&Beet rounds in photo), or amount of your liking. .
In a large frying pan, add enough water to submerge SwissChard leafy green, heat over med/high. Once at a light boil, blanch the leafy green (approx. 1min or until just tender). Place in ice bath. Once cool, pat dry with towel. Lay the leafy green flat out on towel & place the Yam/Avocado/Tofu at the top of the leafy green – lineup together. Tightly but gently complete the first roll, using the towel if it helps, to ‘close in’ the yam/avocado/tofu portion. Once first roll is done, spread a layer of the Quinoa/CashewCream over the remaining leafy green leaving about 1-1&1/2cm from the edge free – so things don’t ooze out:) Once quinoa is spread out evenly, continue rolling using gentle tension to ensure a tight wrap. Cut in half or eat whole…enjoy!

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