GoldenBeet Chips + Garlicky Spinach Avocado Dip

Sunny days call for deck eats! We’re back in munch mode as the weather has warmed. A couple weeks back I got my hands on some rustic golden beets, so I decided some chips were in order + a side of one of our fave dips – Garlicky Spinach Avocado Dip (emphasis on GARLICKY i.e….

Artisan Beet Burger

BEET Burgers – one of my all time favourites. AND apparently, I’m not the only one. Hi Anne! This isn’t my first burger that features beets. I posted THE Converter (Veggie) Burger last year – yum. Unlike THE Converter (Veggie) Burger, this Artisan Beet Burger contains just beets – and an apple, aside from a…

BeetBalsamic Almonds & Spicy CrunchyCashews

Heading home!…but first, a quick stop at AlexandraBridge Park. Meet BeetBalsamic Almonds paired with Spicy CrunchyCashews and fresh blueberries✨ We also munched on some Organic RaspberryYogurt Fruit Leather – will post in the coming days/week. Just topping up the ‘tank’ with a lil’ fresh air and some protein before the long-ish but beautiful drive home….