Lemony Potatoes & Walnut ‘Meat’

Is anyone else feeling like December is passing by VERY quickly?! SO much to do in what will hopefully be enough time (yikes). Oh, those festive eats – they’re EVERYWHERE. SO, I’m trying to make an effort whenever possible to fit in my veggies!…and there’s nothing quite like sitting down to a BIG bowl of comfort….

The BuddhaBowl

The BuddhaBowl…this is an easy one to ace! Toss a variety of roasted/raw veggies, a grain/seeds, and some nuts into a BIG bowl – you’re all set. I usually like to balance mine with the combo of something sweet (roasted yam/beet), savoury (lightly sautéed kale), creamy (avocado), fresh (sprouts), high protein (quinoa *9 essential amino…