Thanksgiving Feast

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada! It’s been a busy one but I couldn’t be more grateful for ALL the tasty eats. I had a couple dinners to attend, and chowed down on some serious veg. Full tummy and heart. Well, here’s my spread! Kept things pretty simple seeing as I had SO much that I wanted to fit in…garden goods, apples, brussels, mushrooms, pumpkin, etc. Over the next few days, I’ll post the recipes from my dins – 100% plant based.

Thanksgiving weekend was always a special one for me growing up. Of course, the food was greatly anticipated, but even more so – the family would all be together. Being the youngest of four, by some years, it didn’t take much to feel left behind sometimes. When you have a larger family, you get use to having people around – someone eating (ALL) the leftovers, chatter from the basement, piles of laundry everywhere, a continuous stream of friends stopping by. Today, we haven’t all been together for a holiday feast for at least 10 years. Now, the food on the other hand, really hasn’t changed aside from the addition of more purely plant based dishes. Yum. For my family, Thanksgiving is a celebration. Our menu includes much of the Fall harvest, we decorate with fallen leaves/boughs/pumpkins, and usually make our way into the woods for a walk. There may also be a scented candle or two. We may not all be together, but our traditions seem to continue. Even if the cedar boughs ended up being covered in MANY (talking at least 15) jumping spiders – we still ate.

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