‘the Scraps’ Bowl w/ Creamy GarlicDill Dressing

This is not just any ordinary salad…it’s actually my ‘scraps’ bowl. Quite beautiful, isn’t it! Every veggie that didn’t make the cut the first time around ends up here – waste free zone✨ When I was attending school in Vancouver, everyday I would build a BIG salad (with GREAT enthusiasm) at the fresh produce station in the food court. I would actually stare at the clock in anticipation for lunch. I loved this salad that much! A large part of it being – the dressing…I mixed both the garlic & dill/yogurt? It was the perfect mix of fresh (dill), slightly spicy (garlic), and creamy (yogurt). I piled on every chopped veggie, lettuce, & seed mix I could fit into the largest to-go box. Squished against the lid – cheddar & feta cheese as well as crunchy dill pickle slices. I had to take my dressing on the side.  What I’m getting at is that this dressing tastes delicious on pretty well any salad packed to the rim. There were times I would even have a pile of corkscrew noodles on my BIG salad?

Creamy GarlicDill Dressing
1/2cup plain Greek yogurt
1/4cup fresh dill, chopped & lightly packed
1tbsp fresh lemon juice
2-4 fresh garlic cloves, minced
1/4tsp sea salt
pinch of ground white pepper
pinch of ground coriander (ground cumin is a good one too)
*The dressing is thick so it works great as a dip for veggies, crackers, naan, and even pizza! If you would like to ‘loosen’ it up a bit, add a splash of milk.

*In the bowl…spinach, arugula, baby red leaf lettuce, broccolini, grated carrot/red cabbage/beets, butternut squash, mixed sprouts, avocado, green onions & pepitas – I think I got it all!?

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